Libre comme l'Art

Non-profit association «LILA»

LILA is a non-profit organization, under French law 1901, declared and funded in 2005. We promote Arts and Artists, as well as access to technics and knowledge for everyone.

The association has its studio at 31, avenue Parmentier in Paris 11th, place of sharing and artistic creation.

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No Libre Calendar 2016 ;-(

We have been asked several times by email or social networks whether we were planning a Libre Calendar 2016 (see Libre Calendar 2015).

Unfortunately we are not. This is for the official announcement. ;-(

"Fishing Night", by Aryeom Han (Creative Commons by)

Credit: Cover of the 2015 calendar ("Fishing Night", by Aryeom Han, Creative Commons attribution)

The reason is simple: we could not make the time. Our association is very small, and mostly hold by a handful of people. With our current projects (in particular ZeMarmot), adding the weight of an additional print project, however fun it is, was not possible.

This said, it is very heart-warming to know that people really loved the Libre Calendar (to be fair, we already knew so since we received several happy messages last year, after the calendar got delivered) and really wanted a new one for 2016. So we will definitely try to revive the project next year!

Note also that we are always open to volunteers to help us. It is too late this year to prepare a calendar now (if we want to do it well), but we would absolutely welcome new hands for next year!

Free Software for educative purpose…

Jehan, LILA co-founder and Free Software developer (GIMP, Blender…), participate to a schooling experiment in favor of young people out of the "usual" system, i.e. without any diploms nor jobs. In a few words, with the Second Chance School in Argenteuil, France, we are animating a project of creating a full SuperTuxKart track representing their neighborhood, fully with Free Software: OpenStreetMap to generate a good piece of the city environment, Blender 3D for 3D modelization and GIMP for texture creation.

Unfinished prototype of the SuperTuxKart track created by the young and representing the actual neighborhood.

Unfinished prototype of the SuperTuxKart track created by the young and representing the actual neighborhood.

Before the project, most of these young's only usage of computers were Facebook and other "social" networks. Some don't even have a computer. And now they are modeling a real city for a video game. Pretty cool no?

Of course SuperTuxKart is only a pretext to make the project with Free Software, which itself is only a pretext to have our young students work in professional conditions, as a team, with an actual "deliverable", which is the point of this school project.

If you are interested and happen to be in Paris, France, tonight evening , Tuesday, December 1st, at 7PM, do not hesitate to come by our presentation event with the young at Archipel.

Tristan Nitot, former president of Europe Mozilla, will introduce the event with a conference about Free Software as a guest:

L'Archipel - Lieu d'innovation collective
26 bis Rue de Saint-Pétersbourg
Paris 75008

Some more info about the origin of the project on the French news.

LILA at Bazar du Libre 2015 (Toulouse)

LILA was invited at Capitole du Libre 2015 to present ZeMarmot. Unfortunately after the tragic recent events in Paris (everybody of the association is fine by the way, despite us being a few dozen meters from the events), the Free Software event got canceled.

The association Toulibre revived the meeting under the name Bazar du Libre In the end, a very cool weekend, where we also met quite a bunch of the local BUG.

We will likely come back there some other year!

LILA at Alternatiba Paris 2015

The association LILA will be at Alternatiba Paris on Sunday 27th, at Place de la République in Paris, which is also the "day without car" in Paris, perfect for an event about alternative social models, ecology, fair and solidary economy…

We will participate to the "Libre Village" ("Digital District", number 9 in the event map below), with LILA as well as the other usual associations, foundations and communities of Free Software: April, Parinux, Framasoft,, la quadrature du net, GIMP, root 66, Chiffrofête, Mozilla-FR, Drupal, Novalys, Libre Office… We will also be representing GIMP.

You will find us in particular either in the "museum" booth (next to the Wikimedia foundation) and "cinema" booth (next to April, BUG and Root 66).

Late 3 "Wilber & Co." Comic Strips

Sorry, we have been a little late on our "Wilber & Co." comic strips and we forgot to upload 3 of them on the website!


Released in issue 12 of GIMP Magazine on May 28, 2015, it represented both the Labour Day, often held on May 1 in many countries, but also a cooler vision of Free Software. It's not always about the rush! :-)


This comic strip was originally intended for GIMP Magazine as well, but since it went on a pause until September, and because this is also some kind of public announcement, we decided to release the strip earlier.

You may indeed have heard about the terrible actions by Sourceforge, a service which the GIMP project used to use for their Windows download and stopped because of unacceptable change of services. Well they squatted the old GIMP account and added Adware installers to the GIMP, which is not acceptable either. So the bottom line of this strip was the important part: you want GIMP? Install it from the upstream:!

And this applies for most software!


A small strip to introduce one of the specifics of ZeMarmot's script which is that Marmot, as well as any animals don't speak in our movie. See the full blog post.