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Last week-end before the Libre Calendar goes to print!

Hey all! Our Libre Calendar 2015 event comes to an end. You just have 2 days before we go to print, and then the number of calendars will be set and finale.

Just as a teaser, below are low res versions of some of the images which will go in as CC by:

"USS Alabama Small World", by Patrick David

Crédit: "USS Alabama Small World", by Patrick David.

Blender Conference 2014 promo graphic by Andy Goralczyk

Crédit: Blender Conference 2014 promo graphic by Andy Goralczyk, kindly provided by the Blender Foundation.

"Where is Wilber", by Aryeom Han

Crédit: "Where is Wilber", by Aryeom Han.

"chimères des fleurs", by Gustavo Deveze

Crédit: "chimères des fleurs", by Gustavo Deveze.

Robotic Whales, by Henri Hebeisen

Crédit: Robotic Whales, by Henri Hebeisen.

And that's not even half of it! When you buy the calendar, what happens:

  • you get nice artworks nicely printed;
  • you receive high res resolution links for all these artworks in CC by;
  • you sponsor nice artists;
  • you sponsor nice Free Software and Free Art projects (Blender, GIMP, Scribus, Inkscape, and us, LILA association).

You're in?