Libre comme l'Art

Non-profit association «LILA»

Opening on Saturday 2014/12/20

The association LILA has had a new address for 3 months, but we did not organize any opening for it yet.

On Samedi 20th december of 2014, from 4PM to 7PM, we will welcome anyone at 31, avenue Parmentier, at Paris 11th (France), with juices, tea, coffee and some biscuits if you wish to speak with us and know what we do.

Grégoire Coustenoble, our co-funder, will expose some photographs on the "giraffe" topic.

LILA is an arts association whose goal is to improve artists and spectators conditions, for all to have access to knowledge and arts technics, for artists to be able to make a living from these; and spectators to be able to legally and constructively enjoy these, and for arts to get back from the "entertaining industry" ranks.

Don't hesitate to come and say "hi!" if you're around!