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Non-profit association «LILA»

Workshop of clay animation film creation for 7/9 year olds on 25 February

The LILA association organize a workshop of clay animation film creation (if you never saw a clay animation movie, we advise to have a look at Wallace et Gromit) for young kids, from 7 to 9 year old, on Wednesday 25 February 2015, from 10h30 AM to 12h. The workshop takes place, as usual, at 31, avenue Parmentier, Paris 11 (métro Saint Ambroise).

As usual, for this age range, the animation film is created only with traditional and manual methods, i.e. working with clay… See here an example of animation films created with 7 year olds (none of these were using clay though).

We will host maximum 5 kids.

If you are interested, we propose you to get in touch by email or phone at 01 82 07 74 37.

P.S.: languages known by our animators: French, English, Japanese, Korean…