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Late 3 "Wilber & Co." Comic Strips

Sorry, we have been a little late on our "Wilber & Co." comic strips and we forgot to upload 3 of them on the website!


Released in issue 12 of GIMP Magazine on May 28, 2015, it represented both the Labour Day, often held on May 1 in many countries, but also a cooler vision of Free Software. It's not always about the rush! :-)


This comic strip was originally intended for GIMP Magazine as well, but since it went on a pause until September, and because this is also some kind of public announcement, we decided to release the strip earlier.

You may indeed have heard about the terrible actions by Sourceforge, a service which the GIMP project used to use for their Windows download and stopped because of unacceptable change of services. Well they squatted the old GIMP account and added Adware installers to the GIMP, which is not acceptable either. So the bottom line of this strip was the important part: you want GIMP? Install it from the upstream:!

And this applies for most software!


A small strip to introduce one of the specifics of ZeMarmot's script which is that Marmot, as well as any animals don't speak in our movie. See the full blog post.