Libre comme l'Art

Non-profit association «LILA»

LILA at Alternatiba Paris 2015

The association LILA will be at Alternatiba Paris on Sunday 27th, at Place de la République in Paris, which is also the "day without car" in Paris, perfect for an event about alternative social models, ecology, fair and solidary economy…

We will participate to the "Libre Village" ("Digital District", number 9 in the event map below), with LILA as well as the other usual associations, foundations and communities of Free Software: April, Parinux, Framasoft,, la quadrature du net, GIMP, root 66, Chiffrofête, Mozilla-FR, Drupal, Novalys, Libre Office… We will also be representing GIMP.

You will find us in particular either in the "museum" booth (next to the Wikimedia foundation) and "cinema" booth (next to April, BUG and Root 66).