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Non-profit association «LILA»

No Libre Calendar 2016 ;-(

We have been asked several times by email or social networks whether we were planning a Libre Calendar 2016 (see Libre Calendar 2015).

Unfortunately we are not. This is for the official announcement. ;-(

"Fishing Night", by Aryeom Han (Creative Commons by)

Credit: Cover of the 2015 calendar ("Fishing Night", by Aryeom Han, Creative Commons attribution)

The reason is simple: we could not make the time. Our association is very small, and mostly hold by a handful of people. With our current projects (in particular ZeMarmot), adding the weight of an additional print project, however fun it is, was not possible.

This said, it is very heart-warming to know that people really loved the Libre Calendar (to be fair, we already knew so since we received several happy messages last year, after the calendar got delivered) and really wanted a new one for 2016. So we will definitely try to revive the project next year!

Note also that we are always open to volunteers to help us. It is too late this year to prepare a calendar now (if we want to do it well), but we would absolutely welcome new hands for next year!