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Non-profit association «LILA»

LILA is a non-profit organization, under French law 1901, declared and funded in 2005. We promote Arts and Artists, as well as access to technics and knowledge for everyone.

The association has its headquarters at 7 bis, rue Saint Hilaire in Poitiers. If you like what we do, do not hesitate to send postcards or other nice mail! 🤗

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Call for Composers/Musicians

Our animation film won't have any dialog. Alternatively we are thinking into giving a nice place to music. Hence the association LILA is looking for musicians and composers.


We are looking for people excited by Libre Licenses (Creative Commons by-sa and Art Libre in particular), who could compose and play an original soundtrack. It does not have to be for the whole movie, since we may have several artists. So it could be just 1 or 2 songs too.

Make sure before submitting that you are allowed to publish your work in Creative Commons licenses. I am not sure how it is out of France, but here musicians who subscribe to the national association collecting copyright payments (SACEM) are not allowed to publish their work in any Libre licenses (not entirely true, they are actually allowed to use "Non Commercial (NC)" Creative Commons licenses only, as a current test pilot experiment). This is very sad, and limits grandly our research for musicians here!

This is not a call to work for free. The goal is to pay for the music (composers, musicians) the fair amount for their work, once we get the required funding. If we ever failed our crowdfunding (knock on wood), we just won't do, or differently. But we want to find interested and interesting musicians before our crowdfunding ideally, which will probably help this funding (thus giving us the ability to make a paid contract for them!).

The musical style is not fully defined. We are planning on working with the musicians and see what they propose us. Of course though, you can see the graphical style, so no need to propose hard rock or techno music (well unless the band also play other styles). On the other hand, rock, blues, jazz… why not? But since we are talking about travels and wanderings, we would be very interested by more "ethnic" and local music from the world. We prefer to keep the description "wide" for now and see what is proposed to us. :-)

You have a band and are interested? You know bands which would do very well with our movie? Don't hesitate to contact us to sell your service, or send us the name of bands you know and fit well the profile we are looking for. We will listen what you/they do, and hopefully this could end up in collaborating with us. :-)

Talk at Libre Graphics Meeting on 2 May 2015 in Toronto

The Libre Graphics Meeting's program has recently been confirmed. Our talk titled "Project of a 2D Libre Movie: ZeMarmot" will happen on May 2, at the University of Toronto.

The talk details are:

Studio Girin will present a 2D short animation project in progress (working title “ZeMarmot”), which is going to raise funds through crowdfunding. The animation film will be produced entirely with Free Software, and will be ultimately released under a Libre license. Synopsis summary: « A Marmot lives a quiet life in Alps mountains. His main activities? Sleep, eat and sleep again. When a migrating bird tells him of the world's wonders, beyond the mountains, the rodents goes for an impromptu world tour. What will happen? Will the Marmot ever come back? »

Aryeom is a young South Korean independant animation film director and animation artists. Her first co-directed short animation, “Grandma Ocean” got screened in more than a dozen festivals and won 2 prices. She is now an artist in residency in the association LILA in Paris, and is trying to create her own animation studio, Studio Girin. Also she is an awesome user of GIMP. Jehan has been an actor as a young kid for a dozen of years, especially for movie dubbings, and also won an “Outstanding Youth Actor in a Foreign Film” award. Nowadays he spends time as a software developer (among others for GIMP…), and he spent a few years traveling the world alone on a motorcycle (in particular from France to Japan), then he traveled with Aryeom. Their travels are inspirational of ZeMarmot's story.

If you happen to be in Toronto that day, come and see us! :-)

LILA in 2015

We had our annual member meeting a few days ago. The report is only available in French right now. We will provide a summed-up translation in English in a few days.

About Libre Graphics Meeting 2015

We announced a few days ago that we'll be at Libre Graphics Meeting 2015. For people who don't really know about it, here a small pitch:

LGM is the main event for many Free and Open Source Software related to graphics, allowing contributors and users from all kind of projects to meet physically. From font creation, to painting, photo manipulation, video and animation film, if it is "graphics-related", it has its place there. Therefore it is a major event allowing graphics Free Software to improve dramatically.

And it is even free of charge to attend! So if you happen to be in Toronto or closeby sometimes between April 29 and May 2, why not have a look at the University of Toronto where LGM takes place and go to some of the conferences, workshops and meetings, whether you are a professional or just interested on the topic.

Also if you wish to support the organization of this Libre Graphics Meetings, we highly encourage everyone to help the event being fully funded by clicking on the below link.

Click here to lend your support to: Libre Graphics Meeting 2015 - Toronto, Canada and make a donation at !