Libre comme l'Art

Non-profit association «LILA»

LILA is a non-profit organization, under French law 1901, declared and funded in 2005. We promote Arts and Artists, as well as access to technics and knowledge for everyone.

The association has its studio at 31, avenue Parmentier in Paris 11th, place of sharing and artistic creation.

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Podcast of the "Symbiose" radio show from last Saturday

Our interview got broadcasted on the radio show "Symbiose" last Saturday.

If you missed (or even if you listened, since there was a broadcast issue and a piece of the interview got blanked-out), we invite you to listen the podcast (French):


Podcast under Free Art license, except for music by Icon Girl Pistols under Creative Commons by-nc-sa.

The drawing above is by Aryeom and represent the show recording (from memory), As well under Free Art license.

ZeMarmot on French FM radio "Ici et Maintenant" Saturday 05/30 at 14h

The radio show "Symbiose" is animated by several Administration members of April (French organization for Free Software promotion), Luc Fievet, Emmanuel Charpentier (Manu) and Aeris.

After a pause the show comes back on "Ici et Maintenant (95.2 FM) this Saturday from 2PM to 3:30 PM. Aryeom and Jehan, from LILA association, were invited and interviewed in the first part (~ 30 min) for the animation film project ZeMarmot.

In second part, Pouhiou will present his projects of books as well (some already written, some not yet).

If you can, switch your radio on Saturday! :-)

Talk on Saturday and workshop on layout and printing with Scribus on Sunday (Paris, France)

As already advertized a few days ago, we remind that we are present at the Ubuntu Party this week-end.

Saturday May 30 at 17h15: talk about the association, our activities (Libre Art, creative Free Software, projects…) and in particular about our ongoing project ZeMarmot. Come and ask us questions if you have any!

Sunday May 31 afternoon (14h-18h): workshop about layout, printing, etc. (include color management, design, etc.) with the excuse of collaboratively building an album to collect Free Software stickers.

Loisirs Pluriel Tour

A group of students contacted us to promote their very cool project. They are organizing a tour of France with a series of animation workshops for handicapped children.

Ils nous ont dit que le film qui en résultera sera diffusé par la suite sous Then even told us that the resulting movie will be released as Creative Commons BY 4.0 afterwards!

This campaign definitely suits our values (creativity, arts, freedom and helping kids…), so we wish them all success possible! Do you want to contribute to their funding, it's there!